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10 Famous Paranormal Hoaxes

Add in the numerous films and television series that reference Salem, and things get even more distorted. Being burned at the stake was an occasionally used method of execution in Europe, when one was convicted of witchcraft, but was generally reserved for those who refused to repent of their sins. No one in America has ever been put to death this way. Instead, in , hanging was the preferred form of punishment.

Twenty people were put to death in Salem for the crime of witchcraft. Nineteen were hanged, and one—elderly Giles Corey—pressed to death. Seven more died in jail.

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Between and , more than two hundred people were accused. While many modern-day Pagans cite the Salem trials as an example of religious intolerance, at the time, witchcraft was not seen as a religion at all. It was viewed as a sin against God, the church, and the Crown, and thus was treated as a crime.

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It's also important to remember that there is no evidence, other than spectral evidence and coerced confessions, that any of the accused actually did practice witchcraft. In seventeenth-century New England, pretty much everyone was practicing some form of Christianity. One of the best known of the accused has been the focus of some conjecture regarding whether or not she was practicing folk magic, because she was believed to be a "fortune teller. She was released from jail shortly after the hangings began, and was never tried or convicted.

There is no documentation of where she may have gone after the trials. Many of the accusers were adults — and more than a few of them were people who had themselves been accused. By pointing the finger at others, they were able to shift the blame and spare their own lives. According to USLegal.

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  4. Dustin, N. It means that even though supernatural evidence might seem sketchy to us in this day and age, for people like Cotton Mather and the rest of Salem, it was perfectly acceptable in cases of necessity.

    Read the Document That Condemned a Woman to Death in the Salem Witch Trials

    Mather saw the war against Satan as being just as important as the war against the French and the local Native American tribes. Which brings us to….

    While the Salem of today is a thriving metropolitan area, in it was a remote settlement on the edge of the frontier. It was divided into two distinct and very different socioeconomic parts. Salem Village was populated mostly by poor farmers, and Salem Town was a prosperous port full of middle-class and wealthy merchants. The two communities were three hours apart, by foot, which was the most common method of transportation at the time.

    For years, Salem Village tried to separate itself politically from Salem Town. To complicate matters further, within Salem Village itself, there were two separate social groups.

    Take a tour-Salem Witch house. 1600's era house of Jonathan Corwin.

    Those who lived nearer to Salem Town engaged in commerce and were seen as a bit more worldly. According to accounts , even though Candy was jailed after the court experimented with her tools of trade, she was later found not guilty and released. Even though she felt pressurized to admit that she was, she stood her grounds and denied the accusations.


    Salem Witch Trial Facts

    History says she was indicted and imprisoned, but not tried and was subsequently cleared by proclamation on January 11, During this period, the witchcraft accusation fever had finally broken down and a general pardon was granted to accused people who were still alive to receive it. Residents of Salem still believed in witches and the Devil but then started having doubts that so many people could be involved and hence feared that many innocent people may have died as a result.

    On August 28, , Massachusetts Governor Foster Furcolo signed a bill into law that officially apologized for the Salem Witch Trials and cleared the name of some of the remaining victims before subsequent removal of other victims in Salem Witch Trials Memorial — rexpassion. There are now about 25 million people around the world who are descended from the Salem Witch Trials victims and the other participants in the trials, according to accounts. Enter email address to receive updates from Face2face Africa Subscribe.

    10 Famous Paranormal Hoaxes

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    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)
    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)
    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)
    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)
    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)
    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)
    Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations) Witchcraft In Salem Village (with illustrations)

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