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Rubin: Digital danger lurks in Treasury Board president's expanding role

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Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World. In June, 75 billion text messages were sent in the United States, compared with 7. The consumer research company Nielsen Mobile, which tracked 50, individual customer accounts in the second quarter of this year, found that Americans each sent or received text messages a month then, compared with phone calls. That was the second consecutive quarter in which mobile texting significantly surpassed the number of voice calls.

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The lure of texting is self-evident. Kilpatrick demonstrated en route to his downfall as mayor of Detroit, is useful in expressing feelings of romantic desire.

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Where Danger Lurks

Williams said. For all her love of texting, Ms. Williams says she has seen the underbelly as well. We are not at a point where there are a whole lot of rules for proper etiquette for texting.

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  • I think as it becomes a more acceptable form of communication, people will regulate themselves a little more. Teenagers and young adults have adopted text-messaging as a second language. Americans 13 to 17 years of age sent or received an average of 1, text messages a month in the second quarter, according to Nielsen. And according to one survey commissioned by CTIA, 4 of 10 teenagers said they could text blindfolded. Kyle Monaco, a year-old student in Chester, Pa, estimates that he sends text messages a month, compared with 50 phone calls. Monaco said.

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    So it is easier to send a text. In August, Verizon began offering a service that blocks texting during certain times of the day.

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    They want them to get some sleep. And texting at the wrong time can be extremely dangerous. Over the last two years, news accounts across the country have chronicled the death or serious injury of people who walk into traffic while texting or who drive while doing so. Police officials said last year that a crash that killed five cheerleaders in upstate New York might have been linked to texting. A recent Nationwide Insurance survey of 1, drivers found that almost 40 percent of those respondents from 16 to 30 years old said they text while driving.

    Twenty-five people were killed in the crash, and more than injured.

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    Further, a group representing emergency room doctors issued a warning in July against texting while doing other activities, citing a rise in injuries and deaths seen in emergency rooms around the country stemming from texting. As policy makers consider their options, use of the technology shows no sign of ebbing.

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    Joanne Kent, 62, found herself flummoxed when her two granddaughters sent her text messages she did not know how to retrieve. So Ms.

    Where Danger Lurks Where Danger Lurks
    Where Danger Lurks Where Danger Lurks
    Where Danger Lurks Where Danger Lurks
    Where Danger Lurks Where Danger Lurks
    Where Danger Lurks Where Danger Lurks
    Where Danger Lurks Where Danger Lurks

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