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Red vs Blue (Insurrectionist Tribute)

Veterans Day. A Novel By Herb Karl. Shopping Cart Checkout. Follow Us. Activity Kit. The Insurrectionist. Entire colonies under Insurrectionist control had intentionally cut themselves off the UNSC's communications relay network during the war. Of particular significance to the reemerging Insurrectionist movement was the colony of Venezia , which had become a nexus for rebel operations during the war, its Insurrectionist government having declared itself sovereign and eliminated the local CAA authorities.

On March 5, they led an attack on the peace conference. They launched a freighter, the Pilgrims Pride , which sent out a distress signal that was later picked up by Infinity. When Infinity arrived in the Artesia system , it found the damaged freighter leaking atomic matter with faint life signs aboard and tugged the ship into one of its deployment bays.

An ambush was sprung within the bay when the freighter set itself to self-destruct and multiple UNSC aircraft exited its cargo bay. The attack was repelled and Infinity later discovered the assault crafts used were from the Spirit of Fire. Captain Clayton revealed himself and his motives to Lord Hood and fired on Infinity with the station's energy projector. The NCA operatives aboard and Captain Clayton himself were quickly incapacitated and captured, but their allies in Vata 'Gajat's mercenary faction were also present and attempted to assault Infinity.

This attacked failed when the Spartans used the station's main cannon to destroy 'Gajat's vessel, killing him and subsequently taking the surviving NCA personnel into custody as the damaged Infinity was reinforced by the UNSC. A major rebel group, the United Rebel Front is a well-organized alliance of several insurrectionist cells across multiple star systems. The Eridanus-based rebels utilized numerous vessels, including upgraded Pelican dropships, Mako-class corvettes , and Chiroptera-class stealth vessels as an improvised fleet.

They had at least a hundred such vessels in their fleet at any time. They received almost everything in their armament and ships from pirating other vessels, including both civilian merchant vessels and UNSC warships. They also used Parabola-class freighters such as the Laden , to ship diverse equipment, resources, and weapons from planet systems to their base. Another reason for their success was their location, which was extremely difficult and time-consuming to discover and was easily defended against even medium-scale assaults.

Camp New Hope, the headquarters of Graves' rebel cell, had an impressive security system, even by Spartan standards: motion and seismic sensors, a triple layering of guards, trained dogs and overhead MAKO drones. They also made use of a jury-rigged Warthog armored personnel carrier. They possess some "old technology that never panned out", such as the antigravity plate , which Graves' cell used to fool the Spartans' armor systems into thinking they were in a 10 G environment, temporarily giving them decompression sickness, otherwise known as "the bends.

The Secessionist Union was a small insurrection group on the planet, Harvest. An unnamed rebel group operated against the UNSC on the planets Harvest and Arcadia , with possible influence on other colonies. The seal of this organization is of a stylized white fist on a red circle, and is found on nearly all of their units. They mainly used stolen technology from the UNSC. The Freedom and Liberation Party was a terrorist group on Mamore. The group claimed responsibility for the Haven arcology bombing in , and later demanded that the Colonial Military Administration leave the Eridanus sector.

Throughout the Human-Covenant War , the Insurrectionist movement established a base of operations on the colony world of Venezia. All contact with the colony was lost by and it is presumed to have come under the control of an Insurrectionist government as the colony remained intact in They are suspected to be planning a strike against Earth in a direct assault on the resurgent Unified Earth Government.

This group had a cell operating in the Sol System on Mars. This group was led by Admiral Mattius Drake who was secretly an Insurrectionist. The surviving Insurrectionists were captured by the UNSC, while Zane was covertly retrieved after being kicked out into space. His alliance foiled the negotiations.

The emblem of one Insurrectionist group. Halo Wars concept art of an insurrectionist. An Insurrectionist speaker in Halo Legends : Origins. Insurrectionists in Halo: Initiation.

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The Insurrectionist

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The Insurrectionist: A Novel

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The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist
The Insurrectionist The Insurrectionist

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