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Children who are aware of being monitored have an altered sense of self. And what does constant monitoring teach them about freedom and independence?

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Will it make them more likely to accept surveillance in the workplace? Will they understand the value of privacy? Combine this with the rise of unsecure technology in schools. In September of this year, the FBI released a public service announcement warning parents of cyber threat concerns related to K students. They reported that in , multiple school systems across the country were hacked. To make matters worse, hackers stole student contact information, education plans, homework assignments, medical records, and counselor reports from millions of students and used them to extort kids and their parents:.

As machine learning becomes more sophisticated and ubiquitous, we can link all of this information together.

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Algorithms can be used to make predictions about people based on this information. Just think about all the places we use these algorithms, from courtrooms to credit applications to employee background checks.

Your Children Are Not Your Children

The datafication of children from birth could easily set them along a path dictated by this data, affecting them for the rest of their lives. Could personal health data affect their ability to take out insurance in future? Again, it does no good to simply be scared by this information or shut out the world completely. You could be there for your friends! You could just focus on living out your days as happily and damage-free as possible!

Instead, being without kids frees you to run off and do whatever the hell you like without having to worry about raising a tiny human. A life without children is not empty, unless you choose to leave it that way. Not the looming weight of societal expectations, not your parents who are desperate for grandkids, and definitely not a random dude on Twitter being controversial for clicks.

It is perfectly okay to decide not to reproduce tiny humans. Work out what you care about and make that your metaphorical baby; bring it into the world, care for it, protect it, value it. While these conditions typically get blamed on weight itself, in reality weight cycling accounts for at least some of the additional risk that comes with being at a high B.

In fact, weight cycling may explain all of the excess mortality risk seen in people at the high ends of the B. The scientific name for anti-fat bias is weight stigma a.

No, your life will not be empty and devoid of meaning if you don’t have kids

In fact, a study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine found that weight stigma posed a greater overall health risk than what people ate, and about an equal risk as physical inactivity. For example, several studies have found that merely reading news reports about the supposed health risks of larger body size leads to greater anti-fat prejudice. Those results held true even when the reports included an explicit anti-weight-stigma message.

A study in adult women found that those whose parents had commented on their weight in childhood reported greater body dissatisfaction years later, regardless of their actual B.

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Should you think that the solution to weight stigma is simply to lose weight, remember the data we just discussed on the ineffectiveness of weight-loss efforts. Another common harmful effect of dieting is disordered eating, for people of all ages.

Posting About Your Kids Online Could Damage Their Futures

More than 55 percent of high school girls and 30 percent of boys report engaging in harmful practices including fasting, taking diet pills, vomiting and abusing laxatives to lose weight. As many as 60 percent of 6- to year-old girls are worried about their weight. Sophia Carter-Kahn was one of those kids who was put on a diet. Now in her late 20s, Ms.

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Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids
Not for You Kids Not for You Kids

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