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Le Guin Hymn to Dionysos O Insewn God—born from Zeus' thigh— some folk say in Drakanon, some in windy Ikaros, others say in Naxos, or by the deep-eddying river Alpheos, pregnant Semele bore you to thunder-loving Zeus.

Of Maenads and Men: the #Metoo Hysteria

Others say you were born in Thebes, Lord, but all of them lie: the father of men and gods gave birth to you far from people, hidden from white-armed Hera. There is a certain Nysa, a towering mountain, blooming with woods, far from Phoenicia, near the streams of Egypt.

Semele, since […] was cut into three, every third year humans will sacrifice to you a hundred perfect bulls. With those words, wise Zeus nodded his command. Be gracious, Insewn, maker of maenads. We bards sing of you first and last; there is no way to forget you and still remember holy song.

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The Maenads

In some cases, the alcohol causes bizarre behavior in people and cannot be justified or explained by any other reason except that of the intoxication. Dionysus, Pentheus' cousin, himself lured Pentheus to the woods, where the Maenads tore him apart and his corpse was mutilated by his own mother, Agave culminating when she tears off his head, believing it to be that of a lion. A group of Maenads also killed Orpheus. In Greek Art the frolicking of Maenads and Dionysus is often a theme depicted on Greek kraters , that are used to mix water and wine.

These scenes show the Maenads in their frenzy running in the forests often killing any animal they happen to come across.

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Behind the satyr is a drinking horn and rocky ledge. Exterior Side A: Dionysos, maenads and satyrs.

8 Career Lessons from the Women Followers of Dionysus (Greek God of Wine & Festivity)

A bearded Dionysos stands in the center, flanked on either side by a pair of satyrs maenads. The god wears an ivy wreath on his head and holds a drinking cup in his right hand along with an ivy branch in his left. The satyrs are both nude with tail and beard and each maenad holds a thyrsus. Exterior Side B: Maenads and satyrs.

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Three maenads and two satyrs. The interior tondo is framed with a meander border and a series of volute-palmettes are beneath each handle. Limited use of added red delineates the maenads and satyrs's fillets.


Characteristics of this painter are the meander border found in the tondo and palmette ornamentation under the handles. Publication History J.

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