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And that's just the easy stuff to rant on. I could fill another three paragraphs, one each on Glen the grandfather , Rafe the dilwad , and Heidi's lawyer the sex-crazed dingbat. May 10, Jeanette rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , susan-mallery. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. With the continuation of the Fool's Gold Series she does not disappoint in Summer Days which is book 7. I really did like the way he fit into his role but maybe it became too real to me. Those types of men piss me off! I was disappointed that Rafe did not reunite with his brother Clay in this book.

The ending seemed like it was about closure to me, so he could move on and start a new life yet he did not complete it. It seems that Fool's Gold and its characters are becoming more real by the book; which is a great illusion don't get me wrong. I'm just going nuts with my expectations of these characters now because I feel like I know them so well. I will continue to leave the creative writing to Ms. Susan and just keep buying her books.

Apr 05, Manda Collins rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary. For the past two years I've spent at least part of my summer vacationing in my mind in Fool's Gold, California. Now that the Hendrix triplets are married off, it's time for some of the other peripheral characters to get their HEAs. First up is Heidi, the "goat girl," so nicknamed because she keeps a herd of goats and sells cheese and soap made from goat's milk.

Her hero is Rafe, a business tycoon whose mother has been swindled by Heidi's grandfather, who "sold" Rafe's mother Heidi's ranch to p For the past two years I've spent at least part of my summer vacationing in my mind in Fool's Gold, California. Her hero is Rafe, a business tycoon whose mother has been swindled by Heidi's grandfather, who "sold" Rafe's mother Heidi's ranch to pay for his friend's cancer treatment.

It's a complicated set up. But in a plot development that could only happen in a sitcom or a romance novel, the judge orders Heidi and rafe's mother, May, to share the house until she can make a ruling. I thoroughly enjoy these Fools Gold novels. Susan Mallery has a way of making me love tropes that from another author I'd roll my eyes at. I loved the quick chemistry between Heidi and Rafe, and the way that Heidi brought out the protector in Rafe.

And in turn, how Rafe brought out the businesswoman in Heidi. This was a funny, sweet, poignant addition to the Fools Gold series. May 15, Julie rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in I deem this book a stand-alone. I have heard countless wonderful things about this author — her contemporaries are favorites among many bloggers.

So when I saw Summer Days up for review, I jumped at the chance to read it. Let me explain. Glen is her grand-father. You see, Heidi owns a ranch. She has never really known what it was like being settled in one spot thanks to her carnie upbringing and finally buys a ranch where she raises eight goats. She sells goat milk soap and cheese.

She lives there with her grand-father, the man who raised her since the age of three after her parents passed away. This ranch is her first real home. She is super happy. You with me so far? I like her.

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I think Rafe is the only one here with any sense. At all. The lot of them are told by a judge that until she has time to review this properly, they must all work together and see if a solution can be reached. I honestly wonder if that would happen for realz. So after hearing the judges temporary decision, May decides to move into the ranch house with Rafe of course who at this point just wants to go home to San Francisco to resume his successful busy glamorous life and decides to go all out and renovate the ranch.

The fence, the barn…name it, May is fixing it. Oh, and she buys an elephant. An elephant! Everyone has plans for the ranch. Why she is stuck paying back is beyond me too. That is all the detail I am going to give you. There is more to this story of course. There is a matchmaker and a traveling carnival and family feuds and reconciliations and lots of past heartache and many lessons about love.

All stuff you expect to see in a romance books. Well, except maybe the carnies. His story line actually made the most sense. May is cute but a little much. Glen…I just wanted to shake him and ask him why he shows no real remorse for what he did. Oh, he says sorry and all that but he never really seems to mean it. Remorse is one of the most important things you can teach a person. Children need to understand that there are consequences for their actions and that if you hurt someone by doing something, YOU must be held accountable. Glen apparently missed that lesson while growing up. And Heidi… I quite liked her but that one plan of hers really soiled my opinion of her.

But other than that, I liked her. I enjoyed the romance in Summer Days. No one jumps anyone at the first sign of a penis. It was sweet and, in a crazy sort of way, Rafe and Heidi made a very good match. I did like her writing and her romance. I really liked Shane in Summer Days and I am very curious about him. I may give his book a try. As for Summer Days, I feel most people will find it adorable. There is a secondary romance that it actually sort of cute…in an odd twisted sort of way.

The characters are endearing even if they are frustrating. View all 4 comments. Jul 13, Lauren rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary-romance , love-hate-relationship , small-town , retellings. Although the place is anathema to him, Rafe swears to retake it even if it means displacing the current owner, Heidi Simpson. But, Heidi and Rafe find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, and Heidi realizes that she will have to choose between the man she loves and the home she has always wanted. The love-hate romance between Heidi and Rafe is intense and satisfying.

Unfortunately, the rest of the plot is completely illogical. It beggars belief that a judge would award it entirely to Rafe even considering Heidi's questionable actions. Another weak point is the characterization. Rafe's mother, May, is a dingbat, to say the least, and her eBay spending spree is simply ridiculous. Heidi's grandfather, Glen is a womanizer and a con artist. He defrauded May, but everyone behaves as if he's a misunderstood old man with a heart of gold.

Rafe and Heidi have great chemistry, but they are constantly lying to one another. Rafe is also a callous jerk who has no qualms evicting Heidi even after he realizes his feelings for her. Not cool! Overall, not one of the better installments in this series. Jun 17, Connie N. It was full of judgmental and deceptive and just plain stupid people. Then when Rafe makes some business decisions they're just in the planning stages, people, and nothing's been done yet! Heidi actually did something criminal along with Annabelle , but no one seemed to care.

I didn't understand that one at all. And all of Rafe's family thinks he's a jerk because when he started taking care of them when he was just a child and his father died, he admittedly handled it pretty crudely--bossing everyone around while still supporting and being totally loyal to them. So now he's the villain of the family.

I noticed they didn't mind taking his money, though. And everyone was mad at Rafe for making decisions without talking to anyone, but no one consulted with him either, so there were a lot of people working at cross purposes. But, again, Rafe was wrong and everyone else was fine. I mean, even the town decided to choose sides and made up buttons for Team Rafe or Team Heidi. Can you imagine? How judgmental can you get?

And pretty short-sighted too, since his business venture would ultimately help the town. Can you tell I'm on Team Rafe? Although he did make some pretty bonehead moves by signing paperwork without even looking at it. Hard to understand how he was such a savvy and successful businessman. Tanya Eby did a fine job of narrating, but I was so angry through so much of the book that I really can't give it more than 1 star.

It was overwhelmingly judgmental and sent a very bad message, in my opinion. Basically, if you're part of the town, you're "family" and good, no matter what you do. If someone decides you've done something wrong, then you're immediately an outsider and you're bad, with little hope of getting back in anyone's good graces.

I guess every author is allowed a disappointing book now and then, so I'll continue with the series, but I sure hope things turn around with Annabelle and Shane's story. The whole premise of the "romance" is based on dishonesty. Although they tried to makes it seem as though it was for a good cause, I had trouble accepting the notion that the end justifies the means. I'm still giving it 3 stars, though, because I enjoyed the continuation of favorite characters and the camaraderie found in the small town of Fool's Gold.

Definitely my least favorite so far. Sep 06, Heather rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporaryromance. Rafe, however, sees this as illegal and wants the property or the money back — period. She likes to ignore the tough situation her family was in, and all the responsibilities she made her young son shoulder, and act like everything is now roses.

Which, let me add…. What is there to love? I also always find it a bit grody when the children fall in love, and so do both of their relatives. There is obvious sexual tension and chemistry, and it was great to see Rafe think about someone else. I loved the interaction we got between Heidi and her girl-friends. For me, though, the big plot piece just took this book down a few stars for me. Jul 12, Jasmine rated it liked it Shelves: beautiful-covers , book-boyfriends , chick-lit , explicit-sexy-times , grown-up-books , small-town-romance , contemporary , steamy-romance , read Rafe Stryker lost both his father and his childhood growing up on Castle Ranch with his mother, two brothers, and his illegitimate little sister.

He shouldered much more responsibility than he ought to and since then has grown into a very wealthy businessman, never losing his desire to be in control and take care of what's his. He will do anything to make sure his mom is happy and that includes returning to Fool's Gold and going up against the stubborn but beautiful Heidi Simpson over ownership Rafe Stryker lost both his father and his childhood growing up on Castle Ranch with his mother, two brothers, and his illegitimate little sister.

He will do anything to make sure his mom is happy and that includes returning to Fool's Gold and going up against the stubborn but beautiful Heidi Simpson over ownership of Castle Ranch. The Ranch symbolizes stability and a home that Heidi has always wanted. She lost both her parents as a child and was taken in by her grandfather Glen, a traveling carnival worker.

Glen always taught her that love was for fools and he always had a way with the ladies. But when he charms Rafe's mother, May, into believing she could have ownership of the ranch, Heidi finds herself in a whole new world of trouble. While not the most heart-tugging of Fool's Gold romances, this sure was a hilarious one. This was super Rom-Com. Heidi is a carnie who raises goats and just wants to settle down with her somewhat-of-a-con-artist-but-has-a-big-heart grandfather, Glen.

I like the innocent, feisty farm-girl character of Heidi vs. Like most leading men in Fool's Gold, Rafe likes being in control of his life, a trait which causes him to take control of the lives of those he loves. Basically, his intentions are good, but he acts without thinking.

Best part about Rafe? He is a man who can rock a suit in a hot car AND a plaid shirt and jeans on a horse. Overall, this story was very cute and very funny animal-lovers will love this. But I didn't get as emotionally attached to this story or the characters. May 01, Kelly22 rated it liked it Shelves: own-books-but-pending , alpha-hero , contemporary-romance , hero-darcylike , witty-humerous-funny-comedy , opposites-attract , prim-proper-prudish-heroine , enemy-to-lover , hero-merchnt-indstrialist-uber-rich , tortured-hero. A very rich man and a successful entrep 3.

A very rich man and a successful entrepreneur Rafe wishes to avoid falling in love, settle down and have kids of his own someday soon in a big city. Hence comes the matchmaker to find him the perfect wife. But watching Heidi, aka goat girl, closely, with her goats and innocent pigtails, tempts him to set off his closely planned out future and lose a battle for the first time in his competitive life. May 29, Claire S rated it it was amazing Shelves: mallery.

#1 NYT Bestselling romance and women's fiction author Susan Mallery

Another home run for Mallery! Fool's Gold is the land of happy endings and we are lucky enough to get to read another one with Summer Days. Rafe Stryker, the first of the Stryker brothers featured in Fool's Gold, is a perfect hero. He's tough, rough under his polished exterior, and throughout the book you see his softer side coming through. The book begins with Rafe heading to his mother's rescue over a dispute regarding the home of a new Fool's Gold resident, Heidi.

Heidi owns a goat farm. Real Another home run for Mallery! Really, a goat farm! Their love story begins with perfect sexual tension running beneath dislike. As each character sees more depth in each other they grow softer and the passion ignites. Speaking of passion We all know the real reason we read Romance Novels and Mallery does it with class that leaves you satisfied. If you are looking for a nice summer read that won't tax your brain and gives you a happy ending, this is the perfect book.

You won't regret your purchase! Jun 21, Jessica rated it really liked it. Fools Gold book 7 is just a light hearted as the others. This easy to read book is perfect for summer! Set in a small town filled with drama, friendship, and family that Susan shares in a way that makes you feel like you are in the middle of it all.

I am looking forward to meeting the next set of characters in book 8. Feb 24, Verity W rated it liked it. I liked this. I was a little concerned that I wasn't going to like the resolution but actually it came out ok - although I could have done without Heidi's late plot twist!

Slightly insufficient grovelling on both sides at times, but a fun read. Loved this story! Oct 02, Jimena rated it did not like it. May 04, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-read-in , books-i-read-from-the-libary-in , susan-mallery-book-club , books-i-read-in-may I loved this book!! Love this author!!! I have read quite a bit of her books!! I love this series so far!! View 1 comment.


Dec 13, Monique Pearson rated it it was amazing. Goat girl gets her man! Her drunken flirtations and the matchmaker with the goats and the elephant and the llamas This series makes me smile! Apr 06, Damaris GoodChoiceReading rated it it was amazing. Susan Mallery has done it again! She brings you back into Fool's Gold with the story of two new characters that you can't help but root for from the first page until the end.

Rafe and Heidi find themselves fighting for a home on a beautiful piece of land that puts them in a difficult situation; a situation that leads to Rafe and his mother moving in with Heidi and her Grandfather until their next court date over this property. His mother is adamant on owning it and she will do anything to keep it Susan Mallery has done it again! His mother is adamant on owning it and she will do anything to keep it. This property is all Heidi has and she refuses to let it go.

Everyone is living under the same roof trying to decide how to WIN. But the little time Rafe and Heidi spend together was enough for them to fall in love. I loved reading this book and watching these two fall in love. They were funny, stubborn, and super sexy when together.

Summer Days has a hot scene in it and it's been a long time since I've read a scene this yummy in one of Mallery's books. I have to admit, I liked it a lot. It was written so well that I actually got butterflies in my stomach. They have a little bit of everything from laughter, romance, struggles, sadness, happiness I mean, you find it all in her books, and Summer Days was no different.

Each book tells the story of different characters. This series is so easy to follow. The characters are also very believable and you can easily connect with them.

Bitcoins: New Gold or Fool’s Gold?

I am happy she has taken Fool's Gold this far. Mallery has a way of making you feel like you are a part of this small town and you're just watching everything from the sidelines waiting for your story to be told. I love it! If you haven't picked up a book in this series, I highly recommend that you do.

There is nothing complicated about them and they are fast reads and great summer reads. May 29, Michele rated it it was amazing. If your looking for a great beach or rainy day book to read She's back and continuing her very successful "Fool's Gold" series with three books this summer starting with "Summer Days. Mallery has a way of making you sure you want to hate the "bad guy", in this case Rafe Stryker, but still infuses him with enough hidden sensitivity that hating him becomes impossible. The problem lies in that Glen, Heidi's grandfather and only parent she's ever known, can't pay back the money and the only option seems to be that Heidi has to relinquish her home, Castle Ranch, to May Stryker.

But the Judge presiding over the case has a different idea and gives them an ultimatum to try to work this out on their own. Before you know it, Rafe and May have moved into Castle Ranch and all kinds of mayhem ensues. With it's sweet moments between Rafe and Heidi and Oh My Goodness are Glen and May sleeping together type of sub plots, this book will grip you from the first word to the last and surprise you through the middle. In "Fools Gold", anything is possible from run away goats to newly bought elephants. I won't ruin the ending for you. Come on down to "Fool's Gold" yourself and see why we who love the series keep begging Susan Mallery for more.

Three Little Words

Following "Summer Days", you'll want to pre-order "Summer Nights". That's the first thing I wanted to do when I finished this wonderful book which left my heart happy. I hope it leaves your heart happy too! Oct 26, Lynn rated it really liked it. In typical Susan Mallery fashion, this book made me laugh and cry and melted my heart. Rafe used that time in his life to motivate him to his current millionaire, ruthless, businessman status.

But those old wounds linger and ar In typical Susan Mallery fashion, this book made me laugh and cry and melted my heart. But those old wounds linger and are brought to the surface when he is forced to return to the town he would like to forget ever existed. Heidi and her grandfather, Glen, live peacefully on their newly purchased ranch, until Glen makes a big mistake while trying to help a friend.

The problem being that Heidi owns the ranch, not Glen, and Heidi has no intention of letting the ranch go. A legal battle ensues, followed by hot debates, power struggles, and hilarity. The judge orders them all to share the ranch until she can do more research- and sparks fly.

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Glen and May find themselves drawn to one another, Rafe finds himself reluctantly drawn to the ranch and Heidi, and May and Heidi form a fast friendship. Throughout all of this Heidi and Glen are both dealing with demons from their past and a strong desire to get their own way. Their debates lead to passion and heartache. Can a compromise be reached or are Rafe and Heidi too stubborn to see past winning? So it makes sense that a link to global warming will soon be found! So increased carbon dioxide concentrations may not be so bad after all. Science , ; The iron isotope composition of sedimentary pyrite has been proposed as a potential proxy to trace microbial metabolism and the redox evolution of the oceans.

We demonstrate that Fe isotope fractionation accompanies abiotic pyrite formation in the absence of Fe II redox change. Combined fractionation factors between Fe II aq, mackinawite, and pyrite permit the generation of pyrite with Fe isotope signatures that nearly encapsulate the full range of sedimentary d56Fe pyrite recorded in Archean to modern sediments.

We propose that Archean negative Fe isotope excursions reflect partial Fe II aq utilization during abiotic pyrite formation rather than microbial dissimilatory Fe III reduction. Late Proterozoic to modern sediments may reflect greater Fe II aq utilization and variations in source composition. Uh-oh…while jabbing a pyritohedron with an electron microprobe, Dr. Butler discovered a new proxy….. Interesting, but the press release itself lacks meat. Thanks to Verity Jones for the additional details! I have an advanced degree in geology and found that the description provided next to no information.

The response by Verity Jones clears it up. My 60 lb stromatolite fossil on the shelf behind me is 3. Make any errors in their assumptions of initial conditions ……. The entire College of Science appears tainted by that kind of bunkum. More interesting is how woodentop July 22, at pm has beaten the spam filter and the moderators again! Interesting stuff.

Now let me see. So, if our understanding of basic science changes through research in other fields, making other aspects of science clearer to understand, does this not now potentially make the GCMs flawed by default? OK this study of pyrite enhances our understanding, sharpens our tools for research etc, but what did the study actually find??

Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1) Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1)
Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1) Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1)
Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1) Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1)
Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1) Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1)
Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1) Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1)
Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1) Fools Gold (Turning Point Series Book 1)

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