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Typical symptoms of Lung Fluke can include having to constantly clear the throat, as if there is something there to be cleared well, there most likely is , or an irritating little cough that is persistent and does not go away. These are common symptoms of Lung Fluke. For others, Lung Fluke can cause more serious symptoms, such as breathing difficulty Asthma symptoms , recurrent Lung infections, recurring bronchitis or pneumonia.

Having a Fluke infestation can also lead to tiredness. When present in the Lymphatic System the lymph nodes in your armpits can become tender, and your Lymphatic System will generally feel sluggish. Flukes in the Kidneys can lead to blood pressure problems, as the Kidneys regulate blood pressure.

The Kidneys also play a part in healing bone and soft tissue, and when compromised, cannot fulfil this function effectively — i.

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Whenever there is disease of any of the organs, it is good to check for the presence of Flukes. If you are high risk, it is best to take the drops continually.

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Walking through rivers, streams, and lakes or swimming in these will put you at high risk for Flukes. Other risk factors are consuming rainwater, borehole water or spring water, contact with animals, general rural living, and gardening especially if you do not wear gloves. If you are high risk for Flukes , then I recommend taking 1 drop daily continually to protect yourself against these invaders. The remedy is suitable for pets too, as they easily pick up Flukes from outside. I have had a lady contact me with a very ill cat to ask whether she can give her Flukes drops to her cat.

She then contacted me a week later to say after she had given the drops to her cat, and her cat became healthy again. Flukes can indeed make animals very ill, as is the case with cattle and sheep also. Human hosts may die from severe infestations. Flukes of detrimental economic significance to man include the widely occurring giant liver fluke of cattle Fasciola hepatica and the Chinese, or Oriental, liver fluke Opisthorchis sinensis , or Clonorchis sinensis. Man may become infested with this fluke by eating uncooked vegetables.

The Chinese liver fluke infests a variety of mammals, including man. In addition to the snail as an intermediate host, the Chinese liver fluke infests fish as a second intermediate host before passing to the final host. The cat liver fluke, Opisthorchis felineus, which may also infest man as the final host, also requires a freshwater snail Bithynia leachii and a carp as its secondary intermediate hosts.

Liver, Intestinal and Lung Flukes

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The flukes Trematoda are a class of parasitic worms belonging to the phylum Platyhelminthes. One species, Leucochloridium macrostomum,…. Facts Matter. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. One species, Leucochloridium macrostomum , resides principally in the intestine of songbirds.

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Efficacious and safe dose of praziquantel for the successful treatment of feline reservoir hosts with opisthorchiasis. Parasitol Int. Skip to content. You are here:. Liver Flukes. Parasite species: Platynosomum concinnum syn. Clinical signs Cats infected by P. Figure 1. Diagnosis Liver fluke infections can be confirmed by faecal sedimentation.

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Treatment The following treatments represent off-label use of praziquantel. Prevention and Control The control of liver fluke infections can be achieved by preventing cats from hunting and eating intermediate or paratenic hosts. Public health considerations Many species of liver flukes that infect cats have been reported in humans [1].

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