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The persistence and determination of Earl are to be admired. No one would ever have a bad day with Willy's zest for life, his optimism, and his willingness to find joy at every opportunity. Told entirely in Willy's conversations and thoughts, except for the first sentence, we can easily place ourselves in the middle of the action. Bright yellow on the matching jacket and cover immediately attracts the viewer to the latest installment in the adventures of Willy, Bobo and Earl.

The contrasting vibrant red text, pail and boots hint at events to come. As in the two previous titles, the back features Willy, clad in his pajamas, intent on his next undertaking, holding Bobo as he and Earl gaze out a window. Plain pale yellow covers the opening and closing endpapers, with one exception. In the lower right-hand corner of the beginning sits a tiny newspaper sailor hat. Like the other two titles, the verso information takes on a specific shape. This time it forms a pail. For the most part chocolate brown lines define the settings with color filling in the characters and those elements specific to the narrative.

Text size accentuates the emotions flowing around several small illustrations on a page, single page pictures or the expressive double page spreads. I think my favorite two pages are a series of six small pictures of Bobo's rescue. I can't look at them without smiling. Whether shared one-on-one or in a group setting, readers will fall in love all over again with these characters. I would even venture to say, there might be more requests for lovable sock monkeys this Christmas season. Bobo dressed in his bumblebee black and yellow is hard to resist.

If you want to discover more about the author and illustrator please follow the link embedded in their names to access their official websites. It includes four activity pages to extend the fun of Willy and his friends. Here are links to my reviews of I Must Have Bobo! Posted by Xena's Mom at PM.

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I had so much fun and your sister was so cute too! It was a blast! Thank you so very much for the Great Review! They are always greatly appreciated! Bobo performed at my daughter's 5th birthday. All of our guest were entertained, young and old. She arrived on time, and even though she was only scheduled for an hour, she didn't leave until everyone that wanted to be painted were able to do so face and arm painting. She was absolutely incredible!!

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She truly comes as the total package. I would definitely call Bobo for any future events. She would make any celebration fun and entertaining. Chrystal thank you so much for all your kind words! The kids and adults were so wonderful and totally fun! And it was a total pleasure! You and your husband were especially great to work with. Thank you so much! One of the best decisions I made for my son's first birthday party is to contact Bobo.

She kept kids of all ages and adults engaged and entertained for the whole time. She went above and beyond to make sure our little guests were happy.

She paced her activites well, went and spoke to kids and guests, engaged kids who were shy Thanks to her we have some pretty cool pictures I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much Bobo. We love you! You are just TOO sweet!! I had so much fun with the kids and I especially love it when the "bigger kids" join in too! Face Painting a "big kid's" face who has never had that experience is especially touching to me. I believe even your mom joined in! All those pretty flowered, happy faces really made me feel wonderful. And the food you sent home with me was so amazing, super spicy and just lovely!

Some of my very favorite food I might add. Thank you again!!! Bobo the Clown Nikki. She was fantastic! Her combination of face painting and balloon twists involved the entire group both children and adults. Bobo has a special way of putting the children at ease that generated excitement and fun. She constructed balloon hats for most of the adults that led to many hilarious photos.

I recommend Bobo to anyone organizing an event for children or children and adults. She is well organized, professional and highly entertaining. William, I just loved all your family members they were awesome!!! I could not get enough of them! They were so wonderful and so darn fun willing to throw "caution to wind" and just go with it! Loved the kids but was so excited with the adults as well! Everyone getting face painted and running around with outrageous balloon hats!

They totally "cracked" me up!


Too, too fun. What a total blast that was. And a special thanks for the wonderful review as well. Very sweet. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy all over!!!! Say "Hey" to everyone! Till next tiime! Bobo the Clown!

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We recently had a birthday party for my daughter that involved a very large group of 8 and 9 year old children. Bobo was able to keep the children not just entertained, but fully involved She kept her activities paced in such a manner that she was able to hold and maintain not just their attention for the entire event, but that of my 3 year old too! Would highly recommend Bobo to anyone considering having a clown for their child's party! Have to admit, when my daughter said she wanted a clown, I was dreading it. Fast forward to party day The kids were completely entertained, laughing, and having a ball.

The games and activities were great, and they especially loved the animal balloons and face painting. Bobo was awesome to deal with on the phone setting everything up and will truly make your party easy, stress free, and lots of fun. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much Kimme I had a blast! The kids were wonderful and so so fun!!!! Really appreciate your positive review.

We were all pleasantly surprised at the great show. Bobo the clown performed for the children as well as the adults, the interaction was amazing. All the kids got to participate and some adults as well. Would highly recommend her to anyone. We hired bobo for my Son's 4th Superhero party at our home.

Bobo arrived promptly and advised me of what to expect and where to set up, which I thought was professional. She did a great job with kids from 4 to 12 years old at the party and was very entertaining. Initially, We were kind of hesitant about hiring a clown due to the persona of the circus clown may be intimidating or over the top for the kids.

Not the case at all. We were satisfied with the price point vs. We had a great party thanks to BOBO! She made all the kids have a wonderful time and the adults really liked her too! We didn't have to do anything Bobo is great for birthday parties. The kids absolutely adore her and she makes sure everyone has a great time! Birthday Parties - Bobo's 60 min.

BoBo And The Bumblebee
BoBo And The Bumblebee
BoBo And The Bumblebee
BoBo And The Bumblebee
BoBo And The Bumblebee
BoBo And The Bumblebee
BoBo And The Bumblebee

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